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Are dogs allowed? – Yes on the farm but NOT in the maize. The Bark Park is available for off-leash play, otherwise dogs are required on leash.


What if I have extra tokens? – The tokens may be used as credit towards your pumpkin purchase. They are worth $4.00 each. You can also save your extra tokens and use them during the next October season.


How can I beat the activity lines?- Its best to come earlier in the month or on Fridays. If it’s too early to get your pumpkin, then you can explore the activities early in the month and come back during our weekday hours later in the month to pick your pumpkins.


What are tokens? – Tokens are coins used for activities so that staff does not need to keep change on hand which helps lines move faster. The design on each token pertains to a past maze theme. Tokens are $4.00 each


Where do I pay for pumpkins? – Pumpkins are purchased at the Harvest Market (big red building behind the old barn), and must be brought up to the Market and paid for before 6pm. 


Is the maze haunted? – No. Individuals in the corn maze should not use their time in the maize to scare others. Especially at night because it is dangerous for both parties due to the sharp dry cornstalks, uneven ground, and diminished light.


Is there a Pumpkin Patch and Maze this year? – Every year the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze are moved to different fields on the farm because after the crop has finished, nutrients in the soil are depleted and need time to replenish. Smith Rock Ranch will always have a pumpkin patch and corn maze but they will be in different places, either on the west side of the farm, or the far east side past the animal house.


How can I beat the ticket purchase lines? – Starting in 2018 we are offering the option to buy tickets online. Once they are purchased you must redeem them at the SRR Bank.


Where do I buy tokens? –  Tokens can be purchased online, and then redeemed at the SRR Bank. 


How much are pumpkins? – Pumpkins out in the u-pick patch and in the big bins out in front of the Harvest Market are .40¢1b.


Why are the activities only open weekends? – Due to very low staff availability and other farm operations it is not feasible for us to have activities running all the time.

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