Closing for the season at 4:00pm on Halloween. 

Pumpkin Patch and Market are open, NO tickets or entry time required!

Due to COVID 19:

Only one type of ticket package is available and must be purchased online for a designated entry time. 

For this season only 1 Ticket Package:

1 Maize Ticket (Adult or Child) + 5 Activity Tokens = $30

Maize Tickets and Activity Tokens can be exchanged for each other at the farm.
(1 Maize Ticket = 3 Activity Tokens
OR 3 Activity Tokens =1 Maize Ticket)
For this year only: 3 years and younger free for Maize and Activities (Except Pony Rides and Horse Drawn Wagon Rides)

Tickets are nonrefundable, however they can be used as credit towards pumpkin purchases.

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Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Beat the line and get your tickets online!