Tickets Online

The link below will take you to Ticket Tailor where you can purchase your 2 hour time slot (which includes 1 Maize Ticket and 5 Activity Tickets). Tickets will be for sale September 7th-October 31st and are ONLY redeemable at the time and date that was reserved.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Due to COVID 19:

Only one type of ticket package is available and must be purchased online for a designated 2 hour time slot. 

For this season only 1 Ticket Package:

1 Maize Ticket (Adult or Child) + 5 Activity tickets (Instead of Tokens) = $30

Maize Tickets and Activity Tickets can be exchanged for each other at the farm.
(1 Maize Ticket = 3 Activity Tickets
OR 3 Activity Tickets =1 Maize Ticket)
For this year only: 3 years and younger free for Maize and Activities (Except Pony Rides and Horse Drawn Wagon Rides)

Tickets are nonrefundable, however they can be used as credit towards pumpkin purchases.

For the most current updates check out our Facebook:

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Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Smith Rock Ranch is a real working farm, specializing  in producing carrot, onion, and blue grass seed. As well as wheat, hay, pumpkins, and squash which are sold throughout the state of Oregon and beyond. During October we open our farm to the public and provide many family friendly activities to celebrate the fall season, with pumpkin cannons, a corn maize and many other things there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy! 

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Terrebonne, OR